Fall is one of the best times of the year. The leaves change. There’s football. The pumpkin spice latte returns. Honestly, what could be better? Well, we have some news for you. Fall activities are better with CBD.

Spend More Time Outside

Fall is reportedly one of the worst times of year if you suffer from allergies. According to the American College of Allergy, Asmatha, & Immunology, ragweed pollen and mold are more prevalent in the fall. Even if you got through the summer just fine, these strong allergins will provoke your immune system.

As the weather cools and fall activities begin, being outside is inevitable. Even if your allergies are generally mild, due to increased allergins you may experience a runny nose, itchy eyes, and even headaches.

Luckily, you can spend more time outside this fall if you take CBD. When you’re exposed to allergens, your immune system reacts. This reaction causes inflammation, as your body tries to rid itself of the allergen. CBD is a well-studied natural anti-inflammatory, but studies go even further to establish the relationship between CBD use and a reduced allergy response. A study published in 2015 proves that CBD reduces the release of cytokines, which are responsible for the immune system’s inflammatory response, especially in the cause of those with asthma.

Arthritis Won’t Stop Your Fall Activities

Oftentimes, as the weather begins to change, those with arthritic conditions (especially rheumatoid arthritis) experience an increase in discomfort and pain. This isn’t a wives’ tale – science has established the relationship between a change of seasons and RA agitation.

This fall, arthritis won’t stop you from enjoying fall activities with your family and friends – as long as you take CBD.

First and foremost, the endocannabinoid system influences the immune system’s inflammatory response. Preliminary studies show that CBD not only reduces arthritic-pain but could also prevent nerve damage. Imagine, a less painful more active fall, even if you suffer from an arthritic condition. Sounds dreamy, right?

Using CBD is a natural way to address arthritic flame-ups while also enjoying the seasonal changes.

Boost Your Immune System

As the seasons change and your weekends are suddenly filled with activities, social engagements, and preparation for the holidays, your immune system might need a boost. Due to the rate of burnout, especially from work-related stress in the United States, you may begin feeling run-down, exhausted, and even sick during the fall season.

Integrating CBD into your daily routine is a great way to boost your immune system, especially during the fall. As a patented neuroprotective antioxidant, proven anti-inflammatory, and has been found to reduce anxiety. Pre-emptively boost your immune system with CBD. It’s natural and effective.

CBD Makes Fall Better

Maybe you thought that nothing could make the fall season more enjoyable. We’re happy to tell you that CBD makes fall better; you can spend more time outside, stay active, and boost your immune system. Simply, fall activities are better with CBD.

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