Every day, what you do impacts your health. Your activity level, diet, mental health – all of these aspects profoundly impact your health and can have repercussions for years to come. There are 10 healthy habits everyone should adopt.

1.) Drink More Water

We know everyone says this, but it’s one of the healthiest habits on the planet. The Center for Disease Control recommends that adults and children stay hydrated for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to; dehydration leads to constipation, exhaustion, lack of focus, and even kidney stones.

Carry a reusable water bottle – this makes it easy to drink more water.

2.) Eat Breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast with a balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates helps to begin your body’s metabolic process of the day. If you want to have consistent energy levels throughout the day and perhaps even lose weight, eat breakfast!

3.) Get 7 Hours of Sleep

Sleep not only promotes mental health but also boosts your immune system. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults, at a bare minimum, get at least 6 hours of sleep. They want you to aim for at least 7 to 9 hours though.

If you want to be more focused and less stressed throughout the day, aim for at least 7 hours of sleep every night. This is a habit you can also pass on to your kids too!

4.) Consume Less Sugar

Experts agree that American’s consume an excessive amount of sugar. This can be hard because your body literally gets addicted to sugar. Consuming less sugar promotes heart and cardiovascular health, regulates your metabolism, stops cravings, and even stabilizes your mood.

We recommend avoiding sugary drinks like pop, energy drinks, and many even sports drinks. Also, watch out for cereals and carb-heavy meals. With little effort, you can consume less sugar and be on your way to a healthier life.

5.) Exercise

Moving your body, through rigorous exercise, on a hike, or in a fitness class plays a huge role in boosting your overall health. The American Heart Association recommends that adults get at least 75 minutes of exercise per week – this includes both aerobic and weight-training.

One of the hardest aspects of integrating exercise routines into your weekly schedule is that they can be rigid, and that doesn’t mix well when you have kids, jobs, and other obligations. Exercise can look like talking a walk with your kids, or doing a yoga tape while you study. Just aim for 75 minutes a week. Your body and mental health will thank you.

6.) Reflect

Reflection is a great way of unwinding and reducing stress. In fact, studies show that writing about stress and trauma have incredibly healing effects on a person. It is clear that there is power in releasing your emotions, and this can be done on paper but also while your exercise or even explore the outdoors.

Reflection can truly look different for everyone, but it’s ability to increase a person’s mood and enhance their coping mechanisms is undeniable.

7.) Practice Gratitude

Did you know that recognizing the people in your life is a natural mood booster? There are many ways to practice gratitude. Say thank you in sincere ways, like with a card, flowers, or a nice dinner. Call your grandparents and tell them you love them and appreciate them. Do something nice for someone and expect nothing in return. This may all sound very cliche, but practicing gratitude is proven to be good for your health. Practicing gratitude is also a great habit to pass on to those around you, especially kids.

8.) Take a Spa Day

How many times a week do you think to yourself, “I need a break.” Now, how many times a week do you actually take one?

A spa day obviously isn’t a weekly activity, but it should be something that you adopt as part of your routine. Whether you sit in a sauna, get a massage, or just enjoy the hot tub, spa days significantly reduce stress. Treat yourself and take a spa day.

9.) Spend Time Outside
You’ve probably heard this many times throughout your life. That being said, spending time outside is a healthy habit that everyone should adopt. Not only is nature beautiful but it’s scientifically proven to increase your happiness. Whether you sit outside on the porch, or go camping for a week, expect to feel rejuvenated and happy after spending time outside.

10.) Take CBD Daily

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid that has been found to have a variety of benefits. In addition to being an immune-boosting antioxidant, CBD has also been found to naturally reduce inflammation caused by stress, strains, injuries, or even medical conditions. CBD has also been found to affect mood and mental health positively. Taking CBD is a natural and easy healthy habit to adopt.

A Path to a Happier and Healthier Life

These 10 healthy habits that everyone should adopt are an amazing starting point in a new and healthy direction. We all want to live a more fulfilling, adventurous, happy and healthy life, right? Adopting these 10 healthy habits puts you well on you’re way down that path.

Think we should add something to the list? Tell us in the comments!



Sticking to a health regime is difficult. Whether you’re trying to adopt a health regime for the first time, or a regular at the gym and an overall health guru, sticking to a plan is hard. Luckily, CBD is the health regime you won’t quit.

CBD Improves Your Overall Health

Did you know that CBD improves your overall health? A depth of research suggests that CBD, as a part of your regular health regime, is effective at regulating many bodily systems and functions.

CBD has been found to play an active role in regulating the body’s endocrine system. One study suggests that CBD can help to regulate the release of adrenal hormones, which affect appetite, sexual behavior, and even energy levels.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Health, about 1 in 5 American’s experiences and has to manage a mental illness every single year. CBD has been found to improve mental health. More specifically, a recent study found that CBD can potentially help to treat anxiety disorders, including PTSD, Panic Disorder, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Lastly, CBD has been found to boost the body’s immune system. Interestingly, CBD is a patented neuroprotective antioxidant and acts to protect healthy cells and optimum brain function. With CBD, you can expect to feel more focused and energized.

CBD and Fitness: The Perfect Pair

Those who integrate fitness into their health regime are in luck. CBD and fitness are perfectly matched because CBD can help you achieve your fitness goals.

As an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, CBD naturally helps you to recover after a strenuous workout. After you workout, your body’s immune system acts quickly to respond to the stress on your muscles and respiratory system, and this leads to inflammation. This is why CBD can help to reduce soreness and fatigue after a tough day at the gym. CBD is a great companion when you’re focused on achieving health goals through fitness.

CBD Alleviates Chronic Pain

There are many health conditions that lead to chronic pain. Fibromyalgia, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis are just a few examples. Experiencing and trying to manage chronic pain on a daily basis can be exhausting. Individuals often turn to over-the-counter pain medications like NSAIDs, however, these medications can have an array of unwanted side-effects.

Many individuals have turned to a natural option, like CBD, to address their chronic pain. CBD alleviates chronic pain by targeting the immune system’s inflammatory response. Scientists have even called “cannabinoids as novel as anti-inflammatory drugs.” With CBD, you can find relief from chronic pain and continue to live an active and healthy life.

CBD is the Health Regime You Won’t Quit

It is truly amazing how beneficial CBD is to the human body. Science suggests that CBD and the endocannabinoid system play a role in regulating numerous body systems. It is clear that making CBD a part of your health regime is a natural step you can take towards living a healthier and more active life.

Interested in adding CBD to your health regime? You can find our CBD isolate products here.



Introduction to the Combined Benefits of Cannabidiol & Yoga

In the fast-paced society we live in, we have various daily stresses and frustrations. To help relieve and cope with those stresses, many of us exercise whether it’s via hiking, biking, weight lifting, running, Pilates, yoga, or a combination of these. It’s essential to exercise daily and move our bodies. One beneficial form of synchronized body movements is yoga. Although yoga isn’t as prevalent as other forms of exercise, it’s rapidly growing in popularity. According to a 2016 Yoga in America study, it was found that there are 36.7 million yoga practitioners—an increase from 20.4 million in 2012.

Additionally, more than 80 million Americans are somewhat likely or very likely to try yoga in the next year. Yoga overall is emotionally, physically, and spiritually beneficial. When Cannabidiol (CBD) is incorporated into this practice though, a multitude of positive effects can occur. According to Darrin Zeer—an experienced yoga instructor, yoga therapist, and founder of 420 Yoga Retreats, implementing CBD into your yoga practice will drastically enhance its benefits.

Rapidly Growing Prevalence and Usage of CBD-Based Products

Currently, CBD-based products are available in most U.S. states and many countries around the world. As time goes on, more research findings are revealing the multitude of medicinal and therapeutic properties different cannabinoids contain. Aside from daily or weekly CBD usage for treating medical issues, CBD is used for other purposes. For instance, many people are using CBD to help improve their exercise routines and expand their yoga practice. However, CBD is also widely used for its potential medicinal properties including but not limited to the following: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-epileptic, anti-spasmodic properties, and neuroprotective antioxidants.

Besides CBD’s benefits, yoga can positively impact one’s life. In particular, yoga can improve one’s emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual state of being. Then, when CBD is incorporated into one’s yoga practice, it can enhance several aspects of it. One experienced yogi, yoga instructor, and yoga therapist, Darrin Zeer strongly agrees with this. His experiences with CBD and yoga may inspire you to try out this powerful combination. Keep reading to learn about Darrin’s unique CBD and yoga journey and several valuable takeaways.

Darrin Zeer’s Evolutionary Journey with Yoga

On its own, yoga is an exercise and activity that can positively impact one’s life and overall well-being. Not only has the number of yogis drastically grown over the past few decades, but so have the number of yoga practitioners. Specifically, according to the 2016 yoga study referenced above, there are 36.7 million American yoga practitioners. One of those American yoga practitioners is Darrin Zeer who is also known as ‘Yogi-D’.

Darrin has practiced yoga for over twenty years, spent time as a yogi in India, and he’s also a certified yoga teacher. Essentially, he teaches yogis how to teach, so they can get their yoga practitioner certification. Darrin is also a certified yoga therapist, which allows him to connect with yogis and non-yogis on a deeper level.

Furthermore, yoga allows individuals to learn more about themselves, adapt, and grow over time. This has been the case with Darrin who has significantly grown as a yogi over the last two decades while also inspiring yogis to teach. Aside from these roles, Darrin is also an author of several books including a book on office yoga. One main intention of creating this book was to help people tap into essential areas that were closed off due to monotonous office work.

Because of the book’s success, Darrin traveled as a speaker to spread the message about yoga and its plethora of benefits. This also prompted him to write another book, which will be coming out next Autumn. After gaining an understanding of Darrin’s evolutionary yoga journey, how does CBD play a role in his yoga practice?

The Beneficial Combination of CBD and Yoga from Darrin Zeer’s Perspective
Yoga is a medically and therapeutically beneficial exercise, but it doesn’t necessarily remove physical pain for everyone. It’s possible to experience anxiety and depression relief from yoga. It’s also possible to experience mindfulness, much-needed balance, and alignment from yoga. However, yoga isn’t necessarily a cure for physical pain for all yogis. This is where cannabis, but especially CBD plays an effective role in one’s yoga practice.

Furthermore, Darrin suffers from a lower bank injury, which causes regular pain and discomfort. Although yoga helps him in more ways than one might think, the usage of CBD and yoga works wonders. One of the main reasons why Darrin uses CBD is for its medical benefits, especially for its analgesic and anti-anxiety properties. After using CBD, and especially Infinite CBD’s products, he experiences significant pain-relief. Darrin is also able to explore his yoga practice more comfortably without constant achy back, shoulder, and neck pain.

At the same time, CBD helps him regain calmness and center himself before, during, and after yoga. CBD consumption even allows Darrin to be more present with his yoga practice, improve new poses, and enhance his breathing techniques. Thanks to Infinite CBD’s variety of effective products, Darrin can achieve an emotional and physical balance, which is what many of us strive to experience.

Darrin’s Go-to Staple Infinite CBD Products

Moreover, not only does Darrin use CBD and yoga together, he also uses various Infinite CBD products daily whether he’s doing yoga or not. Ever since Infinite CBD opened, Darrin has been using their products. Due to the success and relief he has experienced, his wife, Daisy utilizes Infinite CBD’s products too. Normally, it’s challenging to find effective yet quality CBD products, especially affordable and reliable ones.

According to Darrin, he loves that Infinite CBD’s products are accurately measured, reliable, and lab-tested. Unfortunately, the world’s CBD sector is similar to that of the wild west. Thus, it can be difficult to find quality CBD-based products. Fortunately, you can rely on Infinite CBD’s products to deliver consistent medicinal and therapeutic relief.

Which Infinite CBD products does Darrin regularly utilize?

For one, the Freezing Point topical lotion and cream are his regular life-savers. These are used for localized relief before yoga and during his daily routine. Ever since Infinite CBD’s Nano products were released though, Darrin took a significant interest in them. He specifically uses the Nano CBD Freezing Point lotion on himself, yoga therapy clients, and yoga students. This then led into Darrin giving Infinite CBD’s pet infused droppers to his dog to help treat his allergies. After administering the CBD droppers, Darrin noticed a reduction in his dog’s allergic reactions and their severity.

Favorite/Most Utilized Infinite CBD Products

Normally, Darrin uses CBD and yoga together, however, CBD-based products are his go-to form of medicine. He uses the following Infinite CBD products on a daily basis for different purposes: CBD isolate droppers, Asteroid CBD Gummies, Freezing Point lotion and cream, Nano Freezing Point lotion and cream, and pet droppers. Darrin expressed that he uses CBD throughout this day, and it’s his own daily wellness formula. In general, though, he uses the Freezing Point topical lotion the most. Many people would agree that CBD and yoga are two natural forms of medicine that can positively improve your life and mindset. Darrin is one strong supporter of this belief. This is why he spreads the CBD and yoga message to his loved ones, yogis, yoga students, and massage clients.

Benefits of THC During Yoga Versus CBD During Yoga

Moreover, we know that Cannabidiol possesses numerous potential medicinal and therapeutic benefits. However, THC has its own list of benefits too. Since THC is psychoactive, it deters some people from using products that contain this cannabinoid. Whereas, others prefer products that contain THC for its ability to crack open the spiritual door to mindfulness. For Darrin, he loves THC’s ability to crack open a spiritual realm. Also, THC allows him to get into the present moment and be mindful throughout his yoga practice. He believes that THC usage before and during yoga allows yogis to channel their inner spirituality and become more mindful.

Since Darrin is a parent to a young child, he cannot consume THC products regularly. Instead, consuming products that contain THC are best in a structured setting for him. Whereas CBD usage is ideal for evening yoga use, on-the-go traveling, and especially out-of-state and/or out-of-country trips. Because CBD is non-psychoactive, there are no legality concerns or issues with consumption in other U.S. states and countries. Also, Darrin likes to ship Infinite CBD products to other yogis, yoga studios, and resorts. Fortunately, this can be legally done if the products contain little to no THC.

Incorporate CBD and Yoga Into Your Life

Whether you’re a yoga beginner, an experienced yogi, or someone who is considering trying yoga, CBD usage can drastically enhance your yoga practice. When CBD and yoga are used together, numerous medicinal and therapeutic benefits are delivered. This can not only help you manage aches, pains, and stress, but also help you become the best version of yourself. If you could improve your quality of life, help treat different pains and ailments, and enhance your yoga practice, why wouldn’t you incorporate CBD into your daily routine? Check out our line of quality CBD products here, and learn more about Darrin Zeer at his website here.

The Medicinal and Therapeutic Components of Cannabis

Cannabis—a medically beneficial plant that has been used for centuries for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Thus far, the cannabis plant contains more than sixty identified cannabinoids, which hold their own medicinal value. The plant also contains numerous terpenes, flavonoids, and trichomes, which each serve a unique purpose. The cannabis plant is medically valuable, and its many cannabinoids possess their own medicinal and healing properties. For example, Cannabidiol (CBD) is one cannabinoid that can help treat various medical conditions, diseases, and illnesses. However, when people think of cannabis, many associate the plant with THC and the psycho-active high that’s delivered.

Although multiple cannabis products contain THC, there are many CBD-based products that have their own array of non-psychoactive benefits. One prime example of medically beneficial CBD-based products includes a diverse line of Infinite CBD items. Nowadays, more individuals are turning towards natural forms of medicine that can improve their well-being. No matter where we live, there are aspects of life that are stressful, nerve-wracking, and out of our control. This can manifest into emotional and/or physical ailments, which could negatively impact our quality of life. Fortunately, though, Cannabidiol is valuable enough that it can significantly help individuals get through their day.